RESTful Web Services Unconference

REST Fest US 2016

September 15-17th

101 N Main St. Greenville, SC


About REST Fest

Our objective is to give people interested in REST, Hypermedia APIs, crafting web service APIs, or any related topics a chance to get together in an informal setting to share ideas, trade stories, and show examples of current work.

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Keynote: Erik Wilde - Deconstructing the Web

One of REST's constraints is that of a uniform interface. Web technologies as they exist today also highlight the fact that the uniform interface from 20 years ago is not quite as uniform anymore. This talk presents an overview of the various axes of the uniform interface and will introduce a resource intended to provide an overview of the constantly evolving set of Web concepts.

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Like most of the talks at REST Fest, our sponsorship levels are based on HTTP. We couldn't do this without these fabulous folks.

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